[4 Pack] Emmabin LED Slap Armband Lights Glow Band for Running, Replaceable Batteries. All different colors.

I got this for my night walks night bike rides or even when I ride my motorcycle so I’m easily seen. Now I feel much safer walking my dogs at night. This is rather cool and very helpful for anyone who jogs or walks at night. It’s very bright and helps cars to see you. I like it and highly recommend to anyone is who active and outside past dark walking or jogging or cycling. Nice item61YdxjWXsIL._SL1000_

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Bug Zapper Outdoor Solar Mosquito Trap Fly Zapper Lamp UV Light Mosquito Killer with Handle


I ordered this mosquito lamp for us to use in the back yard. Florida brings muggy temps and lots of bugs. Ew. This lamp has been amazing! We purchased these in hopes to cut down on the bug bites and it has been incredible. Everyone has ordered their own for their porches. I love that there isn’t any weird smell like citronella candles, there isn’t any bug spray that could get in my kids mouths, It’s the perfect addition to a summertime event.


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Zclever 4 Outdoor 1080N HD 1200TVL Home Security Camera System with 8 Channels



I absolutely love this system. I purchased it through Amazon for my home, wanting something similar to my business cameras, but in a smaller price range. I had looked to update my cameras at my bar and was quoted over $3000, so when I bought the this system, I was prepared to be underwhelmed. Amazing clarity and the night cameras were 100 times better than my “commercial” system at work! Install was very simple (running the wires for the cameras was the most time consuming) and setting it up for web viewing was a snap.
Then I had a problem. The DVR kept freezing after a couple of hours. I thought “well of course, look what I paid for it”. I contacted service and didn’t bother to hold my breath. I have had plenty of experience with Comcast and Verizon and wasn’t exactly hopeful.
Here’s where it gets REALLY good! I had an answer, an apology, an offer for a rebate for my inconvenience, and a genuine fix WITHIN MINUTES! I was completely shocked! They had an update for the DVR, super simple instructions, and not one problem since then. They’ve checked back several times to be sure I’m completely satisfied and even offered to send out a new DVR, but not necessary, it’s been running fine since the update!
I’ve included some pictures of my $$$ system at work compared to the crystal clear view. I’ll update later with the night view (NO light, incredible view!) because I’m so happy with the system and more importantly, the service.
I would be confident replacing my work system because I know this company is prepared to stand behind their product. (And the PRICE! I still can’t believe the PRICE!)
If you’ve been sitting on the fence, pull the trigger!

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Shake Juicer Cup, Portable and USB Rechargeable Personal Blender


This is awesome personal blender , very cute design easy to carry , simple one button easy to use , just need press the button twice and start to blending , perfect size for one person, effortlessly pulverizes fruit , powerful blend your smoothie or shake , very easy to clean and less mess , this blender have have safety lock when the cover opened , so no need worry about kids play it , but still recommend keep away from childrens , when the light turn on green color is ready to use , if the light is red is not ready , very useful , like it so much

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Camcorder Video Camera Full HD 1080p 24.0MP Digital Camera


I bought this camera to give it to my daughter since I kept the SEREE HDV-S80 that I got first for her. The camera comes with a carrying case, a carrying strap for the case, an AC outlet battery charger, a remote control, an HDMI cable, a USB cable, an Audio/Video cable, an auxiliary clip-on microphone and a battery for the camera. What else could you ask for? Well, what I found was a well-made well-functioning Digital Video Camera that had everything that she wanted. Upon opening it and finding everything, I put the battery into the AC wall charger and it had a red light on it. After a little while, the light turned yellow, then green to show that the battery was fully charged. I opened the bottom of the camera and inserted the battery. Upon turning it on by opening the view screen, I went through all of the options and settings and decided to start a recording. This time, I knew that you must have an SD card to record so I decided to order what I think personally is the best…SanDisk Extreme 64GB 90mb/sec SDHC card. Upon receipt, I inserted it and formatted it through the camera menu. Now it was time to try recording. I recorded at 1920 x 1080 resolution for just a few minutes, trying the zoom function from nothing up to top-end zoom and back, recording from the TV screen and even zooming in to my dog’s eyeball from 25 feet away. I also took a few still pictures to see what they looked like. I played it back on the view screen and it looked great, but I wanted to see it on another screen. So I popped out the SD card and put it into the card slot in my computer. I was able to access the card and there were video and pic folders on it. I opened each folder and checked out the recording and the pics. They looked amazingly good for playback…better than I ever expected. I checked out every function that I was able to and found everything to be just perfect. There were no glitches, faults or errors. The camera is very simple to use. You just select Video and use the Record button on the back with your thumb to start and stop recording or you select Picture and use the button on top to snap each picture. If you need additional light, you can turn on the front light with the button inside. The only thing that I noticed is that the light is a little blueish on video. The camera picks up light so well, that you may need to change the exposure setting to get the right results when filming something very bright. This is a terrific camera! You can even download an app to your smartphone and connect to the camera via WiFi to control it or transfer video or pictures.

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T-wilker Multifunction 2 Point Hunting Rifle Sling Adjustable Belt


I put together a custom rifle. It has four different places to hook a strap so that it can be carried on your back, barrel up, barrel down, in front, up close, and ready. There are dozens of different ways to wear a strap, a lot of different rigs and positions for different types of weapons. There are so many, that I really didn’t know what I wanted exactly. BUT, I knew that when I found it, I would know because it would feel right. Does that make since? Long story short, the rifle turned out a little on the heavy side. I tried a padded leather (expensive) sling, it was nice but made to stay in one position. I tried a straight (and uncomfortable) military strap, I put a couple of heavy brass squeeze rings on the end. It did okay, but looked cheap and the brass rattled, can’t have that. I do a lot of this kind of thing myself, but this was one thing that needed to be right. Next I ordered a two point strap and it worked well but the main strap was a stretchable material. Some people like that, but I found out that I didn’t. So, I found out that I need something two point, with lots of easy adjustment built in so I can hook quickly to any point I wanted. And this is finally the one that worked best for me. It actually had a couple of pluses that I hadn’t thought about; it has a slip pull adjustment, so not only did I find a strap that worked in all positions, but it took only a quick snap and pull, and your ready. And the quick disconnect was a great idea and it solved my problem of a need for speed to move from one carry to another in just a few seconds. It’s top grade material, stitching is strong, and the quick disconnects are really beefy. The snaps are like something that you would put on a very big camping backpack. I am sure that they won’t grow weak any time soon. With VERY heavy use, I’d say it would last at least a couple of years. But with civilian use (going camping, hunting and to the range) I’d guess it would last like ten years. Not kidding. It’s going to take a while just to get it broke in. I like this strap a lot. Very happy to have found something “perfect” for me.

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Tattu Ni-MH Battery 8.4V 1600mAh Battery Pack with Mini Tamiya Connector for Airsoft Gun

I ordered this battery to use with my airsoft gun because my previous battery was only an 8.4 volt and was super loud. I could not take how bad it made my gun sound and decided to upgrade. This battery is perfect. It was way more quiet compared to my other one and fits in my gun perfectly. After 8 hours of play time on a Saturday, my battery finally started to give out. It sure did last quite a long time. The charger it comes with is a smart charger and stops charging the battery when full which is a nice feature to keep the battery life longer than if I were to keep it charging after being full. It does not get very hot after nonstop use either. The product shipped in about 3 days and I was very satisfied!


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Newild 2 Packs Microfiber Towels. Fast drying and Super Absorbent Sports Towels

Newild 2 Packs Microfiber Towels. Fast drying and Super Absorbent Sports Towels
5 out of 5 stars
I’ve learned that “microfiber towel” can mean a lot of different things. The first ones we got were plush and they just moved the water around, but there was no real drying. When we tried these very thin ones that feel almost like chamois cloth, we were astonished to find that we got dry and the towels seem to stay dry. We still haven’t figured out where the water goes, but I suppose it doesn’t matter.

These are great microfiber towels at a great price. You get two large (30″ x 60″) towels for the price that most sellers charge for one. And you get the nice carrying bags. The colors are true to the pictures – one is navy and the other is light grey. The stitching around the edges is tight and even. There’s a ribbon loop on one end for hanging. I’m not skinny and one of them wraps all the way around me with plenty of overlap.

As I said, they never really seem to get wet, but whatever slight dampness they acquire dries in no time. Then you fold them in the middle and again and once more and roll them up. They fit into the sturdy 8″ drawstring mesh/nylon carrying bags and take up almost no space in your pack or suitcase. They’re perfect for gym or travel, but some of us now use them at home instead of more traditional towels.

They can be washed (we use cold water and gentle cycle) and dried on very low heat for 5 – 10 minutes. No matter how damp your bathrooms are, they never sour or smell stale. And the savings on your electric bill will warm your heart.


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Professional Gyutou Chef’s knife | 8 inch by G.I QUALITY | Original German VG10 super steel | HRC 61±1 | 67 Layers Damascus

It was a gift for my friend. When I first received this knife, I was really impressed by how beautiful this knife was. I don’t really cook and rarely use my kitchen knives but this one was definitely something. When I took it out, I noticed that it felt a little heavier than my chef knife. But I knew this heaviness came from the blade, VG10 metal. Compared to my cheap stainless steel knife, the heavy feeling to the knife was absolutely satisfying and assuring that this knife is worth the money. When I tested on cutting the paper, I did not just cut it straight or just diagonally. I kept changing the direction to see when this knife fails to slice through the paper and starts to fold it. However, with this razor sharp, I couldn’t fold the paper no matter what I tried to do. When I grabbed the handle, it felt really comfortable. The ergonomic shape of the handle is one of the huge plus to this knife. The smooth diagonal bolster feels really easy on the pinch-grip style users.

1) The knife comes in a nice box. It can be a great gift for birthday, Christmas, etc
2) The knife is beautiful. I can stare at it all day. I can even use it as a decorator.
3) Razor sharp. Extremely sharp. It can be dangerous for people with poor knife skills like me.
4) The handle is really comfortable. I can see using this knife all day and still feel strong.
5) The price is relatively cheap compared to other famous brands like Shun.


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MEGA CREATIVE JEWELRY “Angel’s Tears” Hamsa Pendant Necklace

5 out of 5 stars

I ordered September birthstone eye teardrop shaped Pendant Necklace for myself as I love its design and color instantly plus its birthstone 😉. Its beautiful and delicate and looks very elegant.
It come well packed in a cute little box. Its a beautiful blue color stone with a small round tab.
Its so pretty in its design..I immediately fell in love with it when I was looking online and cant stop myself to not order this one.. I ordered it and here is it ..Pendant itself is very large. Also you can wear it for any occasion. I received many compliments on the very first day at my work with ppl asking for this pendant…loved it..
i like how two side accessories with birth stone compliments it along…The chain is of regular standard size. And of light silver color. Seems overall of very good quality.. looks pretty.

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